Anupama Lodha, MD
About Anupama Lodha, MD
Internal Medicine Geriatric. My name is Dr. Anupama Lodha. I have a private practice with my husband Dr. Sanjay Lodha in Flushing NY. We have been in practice for more than 10 years. I am board certified in Internal medicine and Geriatric medicine. Dr. Sanjay Lodha is board certified in internal medicine. We see our patients in office, hospital and nursing /rehab / assisted living with continuity of care in place. Personal compassionate and holistic care is the core value that drives our practice. The staff is friendly, accessible and cooperative and has been associated with us for years. We provide comprehensive primary care service including but not limited to in office blood draws / referrals etc. and accept almost all insurances
Specialty: Geriatrics | Main Office: 45-72 Parsons Blvd , Flushing, NY 11355 | SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT
Anupama Lodha, MD average ratings
How well the provider explains the medical condition to you: 5.000

Bedside manner of the provider: 5.000


Staff friendliness and courteousness: 5.000


Overall environment, comfort and cleanliness: 5.000


Total Score: 5.000

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